Zincton All-Season Resort Proposal

Public review and comment period (Oct 21-Nov 22,2021)

The Zincton Formal Proposal for developing an All-Season Resort in a critical wildlife corridor, between the communities of New Denver and Kaslo, is now available for public review on the Mountain Resort Branch website.

A Virtual Public Open House will take place via Zoom on Thursday, October 21, 2021 – 5pm to 7pm (PST). Registration required to attend.

The Wild Connection petition Press Pause, Let’s Plan was delivered to Hon. Katrine Conroy, Hon. Nathan Cullen, MLA Brittny Anderson and Premier Horgan.  The petition requests a pause on any new, or expansion of existing, commercial recreational tenures in Piq kiʔláwnaʔ (31A corridor between New Denver and Kaslo) until a larger land use planning process is completed for this region. While we have submitted signatures to the provincial government the petition is still open.

We encourage you to review the formal proposal, attend the online public open house, and submit your comments and concerns during the public review and comment period (Oct 21-Nov 22,2021).