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Here are some useful reports and links (check back for updates):

Socioeconomic Reports

Resort-induced Changes in Small Mountain Communities in British Columbia, Canada (PDF) Web Version
BioOne Research

Healthy Economy Final Report (PDF)
Healthy Housing (Communities) Society

New Denver 2018 Community Profile Report (PDF)
Selkirk College Research and Development Institute – RDI

What makes you stay resident attraction & retention in New Denver & Area (PDF)
RDI and Village of New Denver

SLSS Letter of Response (PDF)
Slocan Lake Stewardship Society

State of the Basin:

Book “Downhill Slide: Why the Corporate Ski Industry is Bad for Skiing, Ski Towns, and the Environment” by Hal Clifford

Ecological Reports

Ecological Report – Zincton EOI comments – Kortello & Hausleitner (PDF)
Andrea Kortello, MSc. R.P.Bio, Grylloblatta Ecological Consulting & Doris Hausleitner, MSc. R.P.Bio, Seepanee Ecological Consulting

Wildlife Impact Assessment (PDF)
Wayne McCrory

Submission to Government re: Zincton Proposal for a Private Resort Town & Crown Land Development (PDF)
Valhalla Wilderness Society

Ecological Report – Comments on proposed Zincton Resort (PDF)
Dr. Michael Proctor -Trans-border Grizzly Bear Project

Dr. Michael Proctor’s Letter to the MRB

Ryan Durand Zincton Comments (PDF)

Know of a useful report or link? Let us know.